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Miscellaneous documentation on the HP 49G+

HP 50G Graphing Calculator tutorials

50G general:

Calculator Display Questions
Changing the Angle Measure Mode
Converting to Base Units
Getting to the Flags
Calculating Single Variable Standard Deviation using the Pre-programmed Features
Negative Result when Squaring a Negative Number in Algebraic Mode
Operations with Units
Replacing the Decimal Point with Comma
Resetting the Calculator
Selecting the Clock Display
Selecting the Display Font
Setting RPN or Algebraic Mode
Setting Time and Date
The Basics of Plotting Functions
The UNITS Menu
Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculation
Turn off the Beep
Unit Conversions
Attaching Units to Numbers
 Algebraic and RPN Operating Modes


Base Conversions and arithmetic
Operations on binary numbers
Trend Lines
Complex numbers
Hyperbolic functions
Solving differential equations
Using Taylor Series
Working with matricies
Solving linear systems using matrices
Solving for roots of polynomials and quadratics
Curve Fitting
Using the Numeric Solver to solve a formula
Numeric Differentiation
Numeric integration
Symbolic integration of polynomials
Symbolic integration of trig functions
Symbolic Differentiation
Solving for zeroes of a function
Finding Limits


The basics of plotting functions
Calculations involving plots
Working with Parametric Plots
Working with Polar Plots
Working with Fast 3D Plots

Probability and Statistics:

Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis tests
Probability - Rearranging items
Probability distributions


Changing date and time
Date calculations
Setting an alarm
Calculator modes and customization
RPN and Algebraic mode
The USER keyboard
Using an SD Card
Training aid introduction
Using the EquationWriter
Using the EquationWriter Part2
Working with units
Working with fractions

Finance and Real Estate:

Sinking Fund
Bond Yield
Bond Price
Lease Payments
Amortization Schedules
Return on investment
Cost Estimation Linear Regression
House Payment Calculations
House Pmt Qualification
House Loan Amortization Schedules
Property Appreciation
Remaining Loan Balance
Loan Down Payments
Average Sales Prices
Confidence Intervals - Real Estate
Hypothesis tests - Real Estate

Other resourses

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