Blues Rock & Jazz Fusion

Suhr Classic

This is what I consider the most important information for the Guitarist to learn.

Learning the Fretboard
Note Names                                                             
Reading Standard Notation
Triads Playing Over the Changes
Triads Inversions Jazz Progressions
Intervals Flat-Five Substitution
Circle of Fifths Resolving
Determining the Key
Chord Construction The Minor System
Seventh Chords Transposing Chords
Diminished Chords Drop 2 Voicings
Slash Chords DADGAD Tuning
The Pentatonic Scale Other Tunings
The Blues Scale Arpeggios
Chord/Scale Relationships Exercises
Diagrams Dom 7th Inv & Related Scales
Pentatonic Scales for Guitarists Metronome

I put this page up for myself to condense the material I thought most important. I got this information from various places on the net and below will list the links. Check them out as they are excellent resources!

New Pedalboard-2016
Blues With Brains
Rowan J Parker
Chris Juergensen
Guitar Site
Guitar Resources
The Essential Guitar Guide
John Suhr Guitars
Gibson 1958 Reissue

Les Paul

And so you can see that the list can be endless which is why I put together my own page comprised of what I thought was the most important information - taken from numerous resources.