Guitar Fretboard Notes
Mental Map Secrets - Step 4

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In this step we'll be putting together the fretboard notes that do not come in Pairs. A and D for the BC clusters in this step.

If you have applied diligence to your study of each diagram you should be pleased with your progress.

If you have gotten distracted, now is a good time to make the commitment to be a no compromise guitarist.

The whole idea being to train the nervous system for instant recognition of notes while jamming and improvising.

Take one fretboard chart at a time and try it out on your guitar.

A great way to check to see if you correct is to use a electric guitar tuner to check if you are on the right notes.

Be sure and have your guitar tuned properly for the best results.

Guitar Fretboard Notes
Guitar Fretboard Notes
Guitar Fretboard Notes