Christmas Blues


Twas the day before Christmas

And we were sad as could be,

There were no presents

And no Christmas tree.


The cupboards were all empty

With no food in sight.

Our stomachs were growling

For just one little bite.


The house was quite chilly

And no lights would turn on,

The bills were not paid

And they turned off the phone.


We sat by the window

And watched for the truck

We knew to be patient

And count on our luck.


The mail was delivered

Our food stamps were here

We shouted and danced

And went out for a beer.


We ordered our dinner

And drank pitchers of  beer

We spoke of happy moments

And laughed through our tears.


No holiday dinners

No gifts to unwrap

No lights to untangle

Who needs all this crap?


I fumble in darkness

To get to my bed

I laugh as I realize

Old Santa is dead.