Rain Beau

"No more dogs!" I was very adamant on this one issue. Our Buddy is a sweet dog full of energy and very time consuming. He demands 100 percent of your time and attention and is full of mischief. My husband, Jim, and I discussed getting a playmate for Buddy but I was against the idea. The time and energy involved in training another dog and the cost of providing food, vet bills and the inconvenience of travel was too much. We agreed to discuss this again in a year or two and I knew I had won.

A friend of ours knew someone who was trying to find a home for an abused and neglected dog. I immediately went to see the dog and Jim began asking people if they wanted him or knew of a good home.

When I first saw Beau, he was a pitiful sight. He was dirty, smelly, and very hand shy. His coat was coarse and matted and his eyes were very dull and fearful. I fell in love with him at first sight.

Today Beau is a happy, sweet dog who loves pats and tummy rubs. His coat glistens from good food and brushings. His dark brown eyes are bright and sparkle with confidence. When hands extend toward him, they are filled with cookies or delivering a friendly, gentle pat.

Today, as I watch him lie in his wading pool, watching me with loving, trustful eyes, I think of the rainbow after a storm. We have come a long way in three months and I feel sure we will keep progressing. I am sure glad Jim was not able to find Beau another home. Who knows, maybe a female puppy would be just the answer to keep these boys in line.