Itís A Dogís Life

Eyes followed the couple as they picked their way through the eight wiggling Rottie puppies. The shy small male knew he had to impress the man and woman or he would be passed by again. Four times' humans had arrived and he was cast aside as his brothers and sisters were picked to go to new homes when they reached eight weeks of age.

The visitors played and cuddled with all the puppies but the man was really impressed with my biggest brother. I knew my brother held the distinction of ďpick of the litterĒ and he had been selected at four weeks of age. I decided my only chance was to impress the man by acting friendly but aloof and show him how smart I was. I waddled over as the man sat on the floor and began to untie his shoe strings. He immediately reached for me and placed me in his lap. I licked his hands and gave him my cutest look of boredom. As he stroked my head and talked silly to me (why do humans talk baby talk?), I decided to chew on his watch band. My litter mates vied for his attention but I was persistent. As the man got up to leave I tugged on his pant leg. He laughed as he reached down to release me and told his wife, ďI think Iíve been picked.Ē

Today is the big day, I thought to myself! Iíve been bathed and brushed and told Iíll be going home with the nice couple, Jim and Doris. Doris tells me my name is Buddy as she wraps me in an old shirt and hugs me gently to her breast. We take a real long ride in my new truck and soon arrive at ďBuddyís house.Ē

Boy this place is huge! There is so much room to roam and places to explore. I donít really care for that plastic and wire kennel they place me in, but Iíll play it cool for now. Doris must think Iím starving as she keeps coaxing me to eat more food. I know itís going to be difficult but I will have to train these two very soon. Iíve noticed some humans are very stubborn and have strange ideas about animals.

My first visitors were Tom and Mary. Listening to Doris and Jim talk, I knew it was very important that these new visitors love me. It appears that Tom and Mary own this house and they really didnít want their new renters to have indoor pets, especially a Rottweiler! I guess I will have to be on my best behavior when they arrive.

My Mary is a very special lady. She kisses me and rocks me and it was love at first sight. Mary calls me ďPuppy LoveĒ and gives me the best tasting cookies. I will definitely stick close to her.

Her mate, Tom, is pretty cool also. He rubs me gently on the head and letís me sit in his lap. I knew I almost blew it with everyone when I had to ďdo my businessĒ and the only convenient spot was behind Tomís chair. You should have seen Mom and Dadís faces. Boy were they embarrassed. My ďMaryĒ just picked me up and said ďItís all right, Puppy Love.Ē  I sure am glad Mary owns half of this house and sheís crazy about me.

The weeks seem to fly by as Doris, Jim and I try to adjust to our new life. Jim is really stubborn and I learned early he thinks he is Top Dog. We have attended three obedience classes but Iím not sure whether Mom and Dad have learned anything yet. They still expect me to wait my turn and stay off the furniture. Guess they should attend more training classes!

Sometimes I will sit and watch these two and be totally amazed. I heard Mom say she is really tired of me nipping her ankles or biting her pant legs. If she doesnít want to play, why does she squeal or jump? Itís so much fun to run across a room and attack shoes or legs. Guess I had better look real cute and be very loving for a while so they wonít consider taking me back to my breeders. Those two discuss returning me at least once a week. You may think I would worry over this but I donít. Just put a cute look on your face and be very sweet and they will always say ďOh well, heís a jerk, but heís our jerk.Ē Of course Iíve been called plenty of different names but I never pay attention to those.

I have learned how far I can push these two before Iím really in trouble and how to extract myself from these bad situations. Like the time I ate the arm off their chair or chewed on the dining room table leg. Dad will be furious and Mom will say ďWe should have gotten a bird instead.Ē All I have to do is lie around, not eat or play and Mom and Dad will worry because they think Iím sick. They will lay beside me and stroke me and tell me how sweet I am or offer me sugar-free popsicles. Before you know it, the torn furniture is forgotten and I miraculously recover from my sudden illness.

Life sure is sweet and uncomplicated. Food, water, toys and love fill my days and evenings. The highlight of my week is when my Mary and Tom visit. I sit on Maryís lap and she tells me ďPuppy LoveĒ stories. She sure smells pretty and I love to lick her lotion. Tom thinks itís really great that I will take cookies out of his mouth real gentle. Humans are so easily amused.

When I was about thirteen months old, my life took a drastic change. I heard Mom and Dad discuss rescuing a dog that was neglected and abused. Did they ask me if I wanted a brother? Noooooo! Why should I let an orphan come share my life and take over my territory? I decided I would be very aloof and not make his life too easy.

The day Beau arrived at my house was the turning point in my life. He was the dirtiest, smelliest dog Iíve ever seen and was afraid of everything. I immediately fell in love with my new brother and took him under my wing. I taught him to chew sticks, chase balls and trust humans again. Beau isnít as intelligent as I am but he has not had many opportunities to learn. I think I can teach him all he needs to know and he does seem eager to learn.

My days are filled with playing with my brother and taking life easy. Mom and Dadís training have come a long way in the last year and I really think they just might succeed. Itís the weekend again and I know Tom and Mary will be visiting today. Beau and I will receive good tasting cookies and lots of hugs and pats. Yea, I have to admit, itís great living a dogís life.