Python Success


Python is used in many ways, by many companies and institutions around the world. Here are some stories that detail how Python has been used.

Python in Business

AstraZeneca Uses Python for Collaborative Drug Discovery AstraZeneca, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, uses Python to reduce costs and increase productivity in the drug identification process.

At Philips, The Semiconductor Line in Fishkill Runs on Python At Philips, Python encodes business logic used to control its semiconductor manufacturing line in Fishkill, NY.

Building Successful Enterprise Solutions with Python Python was used to write many parts of the original Infoseek Internet search service, and the enterprise search software product Ultraseek Server, now known as Verity Ultraseek.

Industrial Light & Magic Runs on Python Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects company that created Star Wars, uses Python to glue together the thousands of computers and hundreds of software components used in its computer graphics production pipeline.

Maritime Industry Increases Efficiency with Python Tribon Solutions uses Python to increase efficiency in ship design and construction.

Putting Web Services to Work with Python The Siena Web Services Architecture brings Python productivity to enterprise Web services development.

Python Enterprise-Wide at the University of St Andrews in Scotland Python replaces Perl and results in better code quality and shorter development times for the IT Services department at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Python Powers Journyx Timesheet Journyx Timesheet is a commercial time, expense, and project tracking application. The application logic is implemented entirely in Python. It is available for most major operating systems and hardware configurations.

Python as Technology Enabler for TTTech's Development Software TTTech uses Python to build Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) based tools and applications for safety-critical real-time systems.

Python is Rackspace's CORE Technology Rackspace, the industry leader in Managed Hosting, uses Python to implement its enterprise data systems and to achieve true object reuse.

Rapid Application Development with Python Strakt uses Python to develop the next generation collaborative environment for the workflow intensive workplace.

Test&Go Uses Python for Data Validation Test&Go, a data validation product from QualiControl, used Python to solve data quality problems in a French government agency.

Wing IDE Takes Flight with Python Wing IDE is a successful commercial integrated development environment written for Python -- and in Python.

XIST: An XML Transformation Engine Written in Python XIST is a XML transformation engine written completely in Python at LivingLogic AG, a software development company specializing in web technology. XIST was designed to facilitate the task of creating and maintaining large web sites.

Python in Science

MayaVi Uses Python for Scientific Data Visualization MayaVi is an open source, scientific data visualization tool written entirely in Python. Coded in spare time by a single developer, MayaVi is now used by thousands of researchers and scientists around the world.

Python Streamlines Space Shuttle Mission Design The United Space Alliance (USA) uses Python to deliver quality just-in-time engineering solutions at low cost.

Python in the Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System The Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System uses Python to provide access to maps for the blind and visually impaired.

Other Stories

A Custom Image Viewing Game for an Autistic Child Ned Batchelder describes a custom image viewing game he wrote for his autistic son Nat, in the process showing off some of Python's language features.

Why Python? Eric Raymond, open source advocate and author of The Cathedral & The Bazaar, describes how he came to Python and why it is now his favorite language.

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