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Mazda MX5

Welcome to my Miata MX-5 Roadsters Homepage!

"The Miata feels as if you're wearing the car like a wet suit and controlling it through a direct telepathic link from your brain to the tire treads, rather than through mechanical controls. With a price that remains at about $20,000, the Miata is still the least expensive sports car on the market and a terrific value for anyone whose idea of motoring entertainment consists of small size, agile handling and an open roof ." - Car and Driver magazine

"…Simply put, it's about the purest driving experience you can have with a modern production car." - Road & Track 1998 Sports & GT Cars

"-- the vehicle as a finely honed extension of the driver's will, common enough in sport motorcycles, extremely rare in cars." - Tony Swan, Detroit Free Press Auto Critic

"…yet those imagined sports cars were to be exactly like this Miata - crazy fun to drive, frisky and zingy and quick to the touch. A sports car must have this essential zest, and the Miata captures it better than anything on the road." - Car & Driver, March 1998

"… Miata's handling can't be beat in its class or for the money. On mountain roads the handling competes with roadsters costing nearly twice as much, such as the BMW Z3 1.8... The new Miata is a real value -- no, a steal -- at its price and compares favorably performance- and feature-wise with the plethora of roadsters costing close to twice as much. The handling is superb. The short-throw five-speed and instantaneous acceleration from the exceptional engine are among the most important features of this already stellar Mazda offering. Everyone should have at least one Miata. With one of these in your garage, you'll likely never need a therapist.” - Woman Motorist webpage

In its June '98 issue, Sport Compact Car magazine compared the BMW Z3 1.9, Toyota Celica convertible, Toyota Paseo convertible, Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, Kia Elan and '99 Miata and said of the Miata: "If I could keep one car from this group, this would be it. The Miata is hands down the most fun car of the bunch. In fact, for ear-to-ear grins driving, I can't think of another U.S.-market car that can touch the new Miata. The Miata feels small - not cramped, but purposefully small, like a go-kart… I really love what Mazda did to the MX-5. It's been transformed into a real driver's car, one that embodies what a convertible is all about-that-wind-in-the-hair freedom that only a solid platform can offer. Moreover, when it come to most bang-for-the-buck, I'll pick the Miata."

In the August Consumer Reports the Miata is compared with the Z3, Boxster and Corvette: "Measured by the fun factor alone, the Miata is the equal of any car in this group, at a fraction of the price. It's the easiest and least intimidating to drive.... At our test track, the Miata proved stable, predictable and easy to control right up to its cornering limits."

King of the heap is the MX-5. No question. The MX-5 is so much fun to drive that it's hard to resist the temptation of a long blast. No roadster has given more enjoyment to its drivers over the past decade.' - Autocar

'When it comes to precision and response, the Mazda is still king' - Top Gear

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Last updated 11/1/99

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